Forthcoming/in press/an actual, physical, published object

My two copies of The Atlas of the Great Irish Famine came in the mail today.  It’s a lovely volume, and I’m pleased to say that the reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive.  As a junior scholar among many luminaries studying the famine, I didn’t expect any mention at all in any of these reviews (and had at least one nightmare in which someone praised the book effusively, but wrote that my piece should never have been included … ) so I was pleasantly surprised (read: over the moon) to find that the September 20th segment of Today with Pat Kenny not only praised the book as a whole, but mentioned me by name!

In a few months, the issue of Early American Studies I’m editing with Jerusha Westbury will also be a reality.

I don’t know how people for whom publishing is old hat feel, but from this end, seeing my name in actual print in an actual book is pretty cool.