I am happy to serve as a digital humanities consultant or to speak at your institution. My areas of expertise include DH curriculum building, gender and technology, community engaged DH, digital history, quantitative methods and the integration of CS and DH.

I am also happy to run workshops on DH tools and methods, including network analysis, Omeka, Neatline, digital / data storytelling and digital mapping.

I can be reached on twitter @anelisehshrout or by e-mail at ashrout [at] bates [dot] edu

Recent Invited Presentations

“Curricular Pathways for Digital Scholarship at Liberal Arts Colleges”, Northfield, MA, April 2019

“Teaching History Digitally” Organization of American Historians, Sacramento, CA, April 2018

‘”What do Politics have to do with Starving Millions?”: Digital Humanities Approaches to the History of Philanthropy’ California State University Bakersfield History Forum, Bakersfield, CA, March 2017

“Teaching (History) With Digital Humanities.” New York University Atlantic Workshop, February 2016

“Digital Pedagogy: What it is, Why it is and How to do it (Well).” Fordham Graduate Student Digital Humanities Group, Bronx, NY, October 2015

“Digital History: What it is, Why it is and What to Do With it.” Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, April 2015